Food & Beverage

Keeping you clean, compliant, efficient and productive.

From food processing facilities to poultry farms, breweries to beverage manufacturers, dairies to bakeries, restaurants to food retailers, AFCO brings diverse industry expertise to every project.

Our experienced Customer Care Reps take pride in working alongside our clients to implement programs and solutions that help improve their products and operations while controlling costs.

AFCO’s Food & Beverage Solutions Include:

Plant-level service by experienced industry reps to gain operational efficiencies, share best practices, provide technical troubleshooting and advance programs and processes.

Chemical and process solutions for food and beverage markets including food, dairy, baking, meat, poultry, brewing, beverage manufacturing, fruit and vegetables, bottled water and eggs.

Targeted sanitation and intervention programs for meat, poultry and fruit and vegetable facilities.

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Online and on-site training programs covering chemical applications and safety, equipment operation, sanitation procedures and process and program enhancements.

GMP manufactured products and ingredients including skim milk powder, ice cream flavors and bulkans, chocolate powders and syrups, iced tea mixes, fruit drink concentrates, etc.

A full line of organic, conventional and custom cleaning products and sanitizers including Wyandotte Professional.

Industry-specific water management solutions that maximize production capabilities, reduce operational costs and protect equipment and product quality while minimizing environmental risks.
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